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The courage to be our best, most authentic selves! 

I know what it like to keep a secret. To feel afraid to step out of the shadows and be who I really am.  To break through everything that held me back and claim my true, authentic identity and to radically transform my life!  I have been  there for many others as they too have broken free of the bonds of guilt, shame and fear that have held them back and become free!  Like me, they are newly energized, with more focus, sense of purpose and fearlessness for their loved ones, communities and  professions.  

Since I have begun sharing the story of how I transitioned from living as a highly decorated male military officer and combat Veteran to a woman who’s mission is now all about helping others achieve their best selves, many people have shared  with me their own stories of overcoming challenges and achieving personal transformations.  Whether it is leaving the military to start life as a civilian, dealing with a major illness or loss of a loved one, starting a new business, becoming sober, or achieving  a lifetime dream, we all have challenges.  By sharing those stories we encourage and inspire each other, to be our best, most authentic selves.

My experience, the stories of others, and the work of other experts has identified some common threads among those who overcome big challenges.  The more we know those things and the more we encourage each other, the better we all are

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